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X-Ray Machines

X-Ray Machines

RMD Superior Contaminant Detection : Detects all metal contaminants including ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel. Detects More : Utilizes multi-frequency detection for various sensitivities; phase adjustment to suppress product effects; and high-speed digital signal processing and intelligent algorithms. Flexible : Suitable for small, medium and large packages as well as non-packaged products. Adaptive : Easily...
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TXR-XH Large Format The TXR-XH was developed for the X-ray inspection of large products, including shipping cases, large bags and other oversize products. With an inspection size of over 25 inches wide x 19 inches high, the TXR-XH series will accommodate even the largest products, whether you’re inspecting a 50 pound bag of pet food...
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TXR-S Series High Energy For the most demanding product inspection applications, the Techik TXR-S series of High Energy X-ray systems will meet the challenge. A high-powered 350 watt X-ray generator enables the detection of the smallest contaminants in the most difficult products. Find bone fragments as small as 2mm embedded in bulk packages of ground...
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TXR-P Series Bulk Flow The TXR-P Series is an ideal option for the inspection of flowing product prior to final packaging, including seeds, nuts, fruit, cereals and many other products. Also a good choice for industrial product inspection, including plastic resins for food packaging and even rubber pellets. Choose the rejecter configuration that best suits...
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TXR-C Series Low Energy The TXR-C Series are a lower energy, economical option for customers who require all of the benefits of using an X-ray inspection system but do not necessarily require the most demanding levels of sensitivity. But don’t let the name fool you—the TXR-C Series still offers incredible sensitivity levels—find stainless steel as...
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TXR Series Standard Performance As the staple of the TXR product category, our Techik TXR Standard Performance systems will handle most any X-ray inspection challenge. Whether you need to find and remove small pieces of stone in walnuts or pumpkin seeds, or inspect product packaged in metal cans or foil pouches, we have the right...
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RXI-HD Expansive Contaminant Detection : Detects a wide range of high density contaminants, including metal, glass, stone, bone, rigid plastic and ebonite rubber. Detect the Smallest Contaminants : Advanced algorithms for industry leading performance and results. Application : Suitable for packaged and non-packaged products of a wide size-range. Adaptability : No effect from product temperature,...
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RXF Ultra-Clear Definition : Combined with RaymanTech’s exclusive fish-bone algorithm Multiple Sensor Conveyor System : Continuously inputs and meters product for maximum efficiency Segmented Protective Conveyor and Tunnel : Replaces traditional protective curtain to limit contamination. Product Tunnel IP66 : For easy cleaning and sanitation.   Model RXF-2805 Best Inspection Sensitivity Fish-bone: Φ0.2*2mm X-ray Generator 60kV,...
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Dual Energy X-ray For Residual Bone Fragment Detection : Detects residual bones and cartilage in protein products, including poultry. Superior Inspection : Dual energy X-ray inspection technology significantly improves detection rate of residual bone fragments compared to traditional single energy technology.   Model RXD-4010 RXD-4016 X-ray Generator 80kV, 320W Aperture Size Height 100mm 160mm Width...
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X-Ray Food Inspection When your application requires an exceptional level of metal detection sensitivity, or the ability to detect non-metallic contaminants such as bone, stone or even glass, then pharmaceutical or food X-ray inspection equipment is a necessity.   TDI PACKSYS offers a wide variety of systems that deliver best-in-class performance at a tremendous value:...
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